Okay, so we are going BACK to one service! Why? For totally strategical reasons! We tried two services because our parking lot and kids classes were overflowing. We also believed that launching to two services would help us to reach more people, but as we got into it, the traction for the second Sunday morning service just never really caught on.  We are a church willing to evaluate, willing to adjust, willing to try new things. From the start, we have said that we will try the two services and that, if they don't work out, we will reevaluate.

We have created an intentional Disciple-making Pipeline to get people started or boosted in their faith journey with Christ. That second half of Sunday morning would be the ideal time take people through it. We want to grow DEEP. We want to grow WIDE. We want to recapture the buzz of being filled to overflowing.  It is our absolute prayer that this move glorifies Christ and causes all of these things to happen. It is our intense prayer that many people come to faith in Christ and get plugged-in.

As this happens, our next-step thoughts would be to add a Saturday Night Service, a Satellite Campus or a Church-Plant. Or all three!

So, starting at 9 AM April 28th, we will be going to ONE SERVICE with the SAME MISSION - Connecting People with Christ!

Let's Pray! Let's Work! Let's go after all that God has for us to do!