About Morrill Baptist Church

At MBC, we have a simple mischurch-1sion:  to connect people with Jesus!  As people get connected with Jesus and with other of his followers, we want to help them to grow, serve and share Jesus with others.  It's that simple.

As a church with 150 plus year history, our church has had its fair share of ups and down, but right now, we are really up on what God is doing in our midst.  Over the years God has used MBC and its people to help start a Christian camp, staff a ministry to children and youth in Belfast, and support missions efforts at home and abroad.

We are committed to the Scriptures, to the proclamation of the good news about Jesus and to helping everyone, young and old, grow as his followers. As 1 John 2:6 says, "anyone who claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did."  That's our goal.  Sure, we have OUR imperfections, but we also can claim HIS forgiveness.

We seek to serve our community in a variety of ways.  We want to love people as Jesus did.  We are quite open to things that don't violate the clear teaching of Scripture (not merely our personal preferences). So, we host have hosted Christian Rock concerts, trunk-or-treat events, and other events to reach out to those around us.  We believe in redemption, so rather than give way to what others may call "worldly" we seek to redeem them by and for Christ.

If you want to learn more, give us try.  Once you do, you will never look back!